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Reviews & Feedback

"Casey is easy to talk to and my sessions became something I look forward to. Time with her on video calls just fly by. I feel like she hears what I'm saying and that I can open up about my trauma, shame and other emotions. With her client-centred approach, I don't feel pressured to act or do anything, because she matches my pace. She's also given me a lot of practical tools to help manage some of the difficulties I'm currently facing. Thanks, Casey. You're helping me change my life."

"Sandra uses her love of people and her sense of humor to help you think clearly about a situation. She validates feelings while helping you to find solutions that work for you. [Online Counseling] was my last stop before seeking medication for anxiety and depression. In the few short months that I have worked with Sandra my whole mental attitude has made a drastic change for the better. I have a measure of control over my life and the things I can't control I have wonderful tools to deal with and maintain my peace of mind and happiness. Those around me have noticed the drastic changes too so I share the tools I was given and they have been helped as well. I couldn't have asked for a better counselor." ~J.

"Casey is professional while being a very sweet loving person who really does care about me. Friendly down to earth personality make me very comfortable especially for being my first therapist experience. She acknowledges my heart's intentions while at the same time helping me see myself from a different prospective. Her approach is very non-invasive, which makes me feel very comfortable. I'm so glad that she was my first counselor, I had a wonderful experience and I will continue to work with her. 10/10."

"Sandra’s counsel has been an essential component of me not only making my way through the pandemic, but thriving amidst these adverse circumstances. I can’t offer a stronger endorsement of her expertise and compassion!" ~L.A.

"I have only had a few sessions with Casey so far, but each time I have walked away with a huge weight lifted off my shoulders, and each time that weight seems to get bigger. She has helped me uncover things about myself I didn’t know and is teaching me how to deal with those issues that come up. I have never done therapy before this, but this is much better and so much less pressure than everything I thought it would be. She is professional, but we also have a good laugh during our sessions. Thank you Casey!"

"Sandra is a fantastic counselor and I have learned so much about myself thanks to her amazing expertise. Every conversation with her is a real pleasure and leaves me feeling understood and with something that I'm excited to think about. Sandra is also simply one of the nicest people I have met in my life. Thank you, Sandra!" ~P.H.

"It was my first time trying therapy and I was quite nervous. Thanks to Casey I was immediately put at ease. She has such a kind, understanding and non judgemental approach to things while being extremely fair and direct in assessing situations. It’s only been a couple weeks in but I already feel so much lighter and clearer. I appreciate the knowledge, compassionate and professionalism she brings and I am beyond thankful for all that she has done to date." ~K.A

Ashley Bateman is wonderful, she really heard my issues out and instantly recommended different things I could do to ease my stress. She always responds to me in a timely manner. I really feel like I matter after talking with her!”

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