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Casey Merrill


M.Ed, Licensed Professional Counselor, NBCC

I am from East Tennessee and have been practicing mental health counseling for over a decade. I enjoy accompanying clients through transformations emotionally, physically and mentally.

I began an interest in counseling through my undergraduate work with refugee camps as I worked with those who had experienced significant trauma from early adolescence. My experiences taught me the gift clients have to be open and honest while being brave enough to self-advocate. I continued to specialize in trauma and adolescent development. I have since studied marital and relationship counseling, cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, mindfulness and body scoring interventions along several other interventions and treatments.

My Approach in counseling is aimed at aligning with the Client’s desire and goals. I believe we, as wonderful human beings, know what we want, but often lack the tools to achieve our own goals. Through therapy and behavior modifications I believe we can allow all things to strengthen us.

Casey Merrill
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